My name is Steven A. Swan. Because I empathized with Ms. Coulter for the vicious verbal attacks through which she had to suffer during the Comedy Central TV network Roast of Rob Lowe broadcast on Labor Day, 2016, I created this website documenting those attacks and providing the contact information of her attackers so that interested individuals could contact them if they so desired and inform them of what they think of their actions. I have also listed the contact information of other celebrities who were in the audience and enabled those attacks by refusing to denounce them.

I would also encourage interested individuals to boycott any performances, products, and anything else associated with the attackers and their enablers.


Anyone wishing to help support my efforts to produce, maintain, and publicize this website and any other related items, may do so by making a donation at PayPal.Me. Thank you.


If you have any questions or comments about this website, please use the form below. I am still searching for an unedited version of the Rob Lowe Roast so that all of the vicious remarks that Ms. Coulter had to endure can be included.